Stitch & Rowan


Stitch and Rowan have a special bond. Firstly, Stitch is the most dog-like cat I’ve ever known. He greets you at the door like the dogs, he begs with the dogs, and he plays with the dogs. Stitch and Rowan, however, share a propensity for trouble-making that greatly surpasses that of the average pet. Stitch is the reason I have child-locked all my cabinets. One morning I found Stitch and Rowan in the kitchen. Stitch was eating gluten free pasta and Rowan was eating uncooked rice. Rowan crapped rice craps for two days. What happened last month was, well, I can’t even think of an adjective to describe it. Loki woke up one unsuspecting Monday morning and was limping. Not only that, he cried when he got out of bed which really tugged at my heartstrings. We played ball a lot the day before and after feeling all of his joints I decided to give him a dog-specific NSAID. They are chewable tablets. After I gave Loki his dose I put the bottle back in the Tupperware container that holds all of my pet medications of a certain kind and walked from the kitchen to the bathroom. Stitch was pissed. The moment I put one foot in the bathroom I heard a loud crash and briskly walked back into the kitchen. Stitch had knocked off the Tupperware from the kitchen counter (I’m suspecting out of jealousy that Loki got a special treat offered to no one else) and all of the medications had fallen out. Not thinking too much of this and cursing at Stitch under my breath, I put all of the meds back into the box and this time, stuffed the box where it belongs in a hall storage area. It wasn’t until, on one of my innumerable wtf are you doing Rowan morning checks, I saw him licking the inside of the now empty medicine bottle and realized what happened about 20 min. earlier. Rowan had eaten 32 times a dose appropriate for his size.

Lets just stop for a moment and consider what this means. Like I already alluded to earlier, Stitch Murphy definitely wanted what Loki was given that morning or at least wanted to check it out. This also means that within about a five second period Rowan was able to steal the bottle without me seeing him near the incident at all. Similarly, Rowan was able to identify the bottle from which Loki’s supposed “treat” came from amongst many other bottles on the floor. Even more impressive, Rowan was able to seemingly distinguish the bottle from which Loki’s supposed “treat” came from, from a bottle that was visually identical to it. Yes, I had another unopened bottle that was identical to the one I used earlier but I suppose it wouldn’t smell as appealing as the other one. Dogs do have amazing sniffers. My angel of a Labrador can distinguish his particular tennis ball amongst many others. Hmmmmm, I wish this story was about him. It would end with “…and I ribbon danced while he sloshed around gayly in the waves crashing on the soft, sandy beach until the sunlight was no more.”

Anyways, after IV fluids, charcoal, liver supplements, and 5 blood tests in one month the good news is that Rowan’s liver has made a full recovery! What a happy thing.

Photo Day

Remember the practice of the year project I’m working on? Well, part of the application requires that various photos are submitted. The photographer that has done our hospital’s photos in the past was in town and, as a courtesy, the hospital allowed staff who was interested to get personal photos taken at the park where we set-up a mock community event for photos for the application. I decided our personal photos would be Star Wars themed and since I could not handle taking three dogs to this shoot where I would also be working, I only brought Rowan.

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God Made Girls… Rowan’s Song

Have you heard that country song, “God Made Girls?” Well if you haven’t, the verses essentially state that God made girls to keep boys in check and they list all of these random reasons like, “somebody’s gotta be the one to flirt, somebody’s gotta wear a pretty skirt” and so on. My hands down favorite insight into God’s reasoning for making girls is to “give him a reason to wash that truck.”

So this song inspired a bizarre fantasy story in my mind about Rowan. I made up a story (that in my head should be the next Pixar flick) where Rowan is a famous agility dog but he pretends to be a girl because he feels that it makes people more likely to worship him as the rising superstar that he is but all the other agility dogs who are normal and grounded know that Rowan or “Rowena” is a fake. Rowan wears skirts and tutus to hide his penis on and off of the agility course. Every time “Rowena” starts his agility runs he requires his song to be played, which is “God Made Girls.” I like to picture Rowan jumping over a hurdle and right when the chorus of his song plays, “God made girls” especially when the “girls” is sung, Rowan is in mid-air over the jump and is in slow motion while his fluffy mane pulses in the wind… amazing.

Rowan’s Birthday

It was Rowan’s birthday recently. Since we do not know Freya’s actual birthday, I decided to make it the same day as Rowan’s birthday for the purpose of convenience. I made a doggie carrot cake for the dogs and tried to put birthday hats on the little ones. That didn’t go too well. They wouldn’t keep a birthday hat on long enough for me to take a picture. Loki, however, will wear a birthday hat for a very long time it turns out… he doesn’t care. I think that while the hat was on we was just thinking… “Humans are happy! Humans give me food? Humans are happy! Humans give me food?” and so on.

I didn’t do a post about the cake because for a lot of pets something that unusual to their normal diet can be harmful in varying degrees. I know my dogs are good with all of the ingredients and none of them have any food allergies. The most common food allergies for dogs is chicken, corn, and wheat in that order. Some dogs can develop allergies or sensitivities later in life. With that said, the cake I make them consists of shredded carrots, peanut butter (no sugar or salt added), wheat flour, eggs, vegetable oil and agave syrup (or honey).

My Life Goes To The Dogs

This is my life every morning. I get up, get ready, and sit down to do a little bit of work before going in to actual work and the dogs do this. The little dogs play constantly either with each other or Stitch Murphy and Loki tries to be a lap dog.