Squid Dog


The origin of Squid Dog is little known. Some say he is an accidental product of a chemical spill, but I’m not buying it. No, I think Squid Dog was created by a secretive government organization in order to infiltrate various locations with his unaffected cuteness then extract information of all sorts with his incredible mind powers. I’ll tell you I won’t have any of that in my household, absolutely not.

February is National Pet Dental Month


Today (along with being the day of the Super Bowl of course) is the first day of National Pet Dental Month. The reason I mention this is because Loki is SO freakin cute. I needed a photo for a dental month article I was doing at work and I got Loki to balance his toothbrush on his nose long enough for me to take several great pics. I must be one of the most obnoxious pet mommies because I paraded his pictures around to anyone who would look and listen. I was just so damn proud of his goofy ass. When Loki decided he was done balancing his toothbrush after a while he flipped it up and caught it with his mouth… me… dying… of… pride.

Yoga With Loki

I was finishing working out when Loki decided to start oddly positioning himself in various distinct positions. This one is my favorite, I think that in dog yoga this is called the shoulder crane and he’s binding the pose with a tail touch… impressive.

Rowan’s Birthday

It was Rowan’s birthday recently. Since we do not know Freya’s actual birthday, I decided to make it the same day as Rowan’s birthday for the purpose of convenience. I made a doggie carrot cake for the dogs and tried to put birthday hats on the little ones. That didn’t go too well. They wouldn’t keep a birthday hat on long enough for me to take a picture. Loki, however, will wear a birthday hat for a very long time it turns out… he doesn’t care. I think that while the hat was on we was just thinking… “Humans are happy! Humans give me food? Humans are happy! Humans give me food?” and so on.

I didn’t do a post about the cake because for a lot of pets something that unusual to their normal diet can be harmful in varying degrees. I know my dogs are good with all of the ingredients and none of them have any food allergies. The most common food allergies for dogs is chicken, corn, and wheat in that order. Some dogs can develop allergies or sensitivities later in life. With that said, the cake I make them consists of shredded carrots, peanut butter (no sugar or salt added), wheat flour, eggs, vegetable oil and agave syrup (or honey).

My Life Goes To The Dogs

This is my life every morning. I get up, get ready, and sit down to do a little bit of work before going in to actual work and the dogs do this. The little dogs play constantly either with each other or Stitch Murphy and Loki tries to be a lap dog.

Pooch Parade

I am officially in love with going to massive dog walks and events. This past weekend I was at a “Pooch Parade” hosted by a local canine adoption and rescue group. A couple of co-workers and I attended the event to represent our hospital and have a great time. I took Loki with me because he is generally extremely well-behaved at events like these and he’s just a big goof who loves to greet other dogs. I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I should have but here are some of the best ones.

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