A while ago, Gar and I decided that Freya’s other name is Scrunge. This is the name she is referred to when she is being a bad Chihuahua. For example, when she pees in the house or tries to bite strangers in a very unpredictable evil way… she is Scrunge. I pride myself on training my dogs to be very accepting of other people, medical treatments, grooming, and whatever the hell else I need them to be comfortable with in order to make their lives better but Freya/Scrunge is a lost cause in some ways.

I taught Loki to play pretend dead when I point my finger at him in one day but I have not been able to teach Freya anything but “sit” in two years and that is not from a lack of trying. Granted, Loki is a breeder baby that I’ve had since he was 10 weeks of age. However, I have done everything I can in the way of restricting her access and crate-training to ensure that she doesn’t ever pee in the house but I have not achieved the desired effect.

Scrunge is a dog who will pee outside and then, immediately after, pee in the house… and I’ve ruled out a UTI. When it rains, I have to walk Freya on a leash outside to get her to go to the bathroom. Not only is this the only way she will pee outside when it rains, this is the only way she will pee outside a few days after it rains because, “eet smells deeeferent okeh.” This is what I imagine she says to me in these instances. Sometimes Freya gets to sleep on the bed at night with the other dogs and sometimes Scrunge must sleep in the Scrungeon (the name I use for her crate in our bedroom).

On the bright side, Freya has come a long way. She was surrendered at a shelter by a family who had her living exclusively outside and, when I adopted her, she was flea-ridden, terribly matted, and just terribly terrified in general. Now, I can do pretty much anything to her and she trusts me. If only I could convince her to have more self-esteem and to not treat other people like they are un-trustworthy demons when they try to pick her up… if only.

Bubba and Chokolate

This is Bubba and he looks like a giant boy version of Freya. I’m not sure that I’ve ever mentioned this before but Freya’s former name was Chokolate… yes amazing isn’t it… Chocolate with a “k.” In my mind, one pronounces her former name like Choc-o-latte. Well, clearly, Bubba and Chokolate were acquainted at some point in the past. I’m pretty sure Bubba was Chokolate’s pimp.

Rowan’s Birthday

It was Rowan’s birthday recently. Since we do not know Freya’s actual birthday, I decided to make it the same day as Rowan’s birthday for the purpose of convenience. I made a doggie carrot cake for the dogs and tried to put birthday hats on the little ones. That didn’t go too well. They wouldn’t keep a birthday hat on long enough for me to take a picture. Loki, however, will wear a birthday hat for a very long time it turns out… he doesn’t care. I think that while the hat was on we was just thinking… “Humans are happy! Humans give me food? Humans are happy! Humans give me food?” and so on.

I didn’t do a post about the cake because for a lot of pets something that unusual to their normal diet can be harmful in varying degrees. I know my dogs are good with all of the ingredients and none of them have any food allergies. The most common food allergies for dogs is chicken, corn, and wheat in that order. Some dogs can develop allergies or sensitivities later in life. With that said, the cake I make them consists of shredded carrots, peanut butter (no sugar or salt added), wheat flour, eggs, vegetable oil and agave syrup (or honey).

My Life Goes To The Dogs

This is my life every morning. I get up, get ready, and sit down to do a little bit of work before going in to actual work and the dogs do this. The little dogs play constantly either with each other or Stitch Murphy and Loki tries to be a lap dog.


I wake up and the first thing I see is Freya wedged between two pillows, staring at me. “Hello mother, I’ve been watching you.”