Photo Day

Remember the practice of the year project I’m working on? Well, part of the application requires that various photos are submitted. The photographer that has done our hospital’s photos in the past was in town and, as a courtesy, the hospital allowed staff who was interested to get personal photos taken at the park where we set-up a mock community event for photos for the application. I decided our personal photos would be Star Wars themed and since I could not handle taking three dogs to this shoot where I would also be working, I only brought Rowan.

Gar wore his Darth Vader at Disneyland shirt, I wore my “pew pew” Storm Trooper shirt, and Rowan wore his Yoda costume. I also decided that I would be shameless and wear my slinky R2D2 dress and heels for a couples shot. After all, I have lost 20lbs. over the last year and I can finally rock that dress. The funniest part of this day was not Rowan in a Yoda costume, it was the fact that I went from posing in my professional community work outfit with staged children and other individuals to posing in heels and a mini dress. I can’t wait to get the finished products. I am told the ETA for them is a couple months.

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