Creeper Cats

Every morning when I work out the cats are super creepers. Kitty sits by the tv staring and Stitch sits on the coffee table staring… Just staring.

Caption This

Mr. Kitty is so special in so many ways. Can you caption the photo? My caption would be, “You wish you looked like this… bitch.”

Hug Your Cat Day

Yesterday was national hug your cat day (real thing) and I was trying to get a photo with both my cats but they were extremely unhappy about the event. I just wanted one picture with both of them to add into a collection of photos that I had compiled for a cute little project for the day. I could only get this one photo before kitty jumped ship. It was bullshit, normally they are so nice and snuggly with me and the one time I ask something of them they tell me to fuck off… I guess that’s cats for you.

Cat Naps

Stitch is so sweet to everyone, people and animals included. I have way too many pictures of him sleeping

Mr. Kitty

Mr. Kitty will fuck you up. For real, he is the biggest cuddle bug with me but he won’t let anyone but Gar or I touch him. When Mr. Kitty got neutered way back when, he escaped from the clutches of the technicians who were working with him and got into the ceiling of the surgery suite. Eventually, Mr. Kitty had to be caught with a net and tranquilized through the net. Kitty was the first animal that was truly mine and he is so dear to me I cannot even begin to express my love for him. If Mr. Kitty were a Spice Girl, he would be Posh Spice.