Hug Your Cat Day

Yesterday was national hug your cat day (real thing) and I was trying to get a photo with both my cats but they were extremely unhappy about the event. I just wanted one picture with both of them to add into a collection of photos that I had compiled for a cute little project for the day. I could only get this one photo before kitty jumped ship. It was bullshit, normally they are so nice and snuggly with me and the one time I ask something of them they tell me to fuck off… I guess that’s cats for you.

One reply on “Hug Your Cat Day”

Hehehe, love it, lol!!!! They are not stupid I swear they know what we want & if they don’t want any of it, it’s their way! My Ginny Girl does the same exact thing, but she really is a little picture whore! Ask your Dad :o)

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