Valentine’s Day Surprises

Garrick and I have been together over ten years and every Valentine’s Day he gets me awesome flowers and I get him some kind of gift. I am very satisfied with this routine, I love flowers for their aesthetic value. As long as I don’t get red roses with baby’s breath on Valentine’s Day, I am more than content with just getting flowers. I have nothing against red roses, I think they are a great gift sometimes, but I find them too cliche on Valentine’s Day.

A few weeks ago I found white topaz and rose gold earrings on Groupon and decided they would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for me, so I bought them with Gar’s money and shipped them to him at his work so he could give them to me today. This plan was wicked awesome. I wanted jewelry and I would get jewelry without having to hint or nag. Also, I knew for sure I would like the jewelry and, most important, they were affordable.

However, something happened that I didn’t expect. I got my earrings and I’m super happy with them like I knew I would be, but I also got a lot of other stuff. Yay! Don’t get me wrong, I would have been utterly and completely happy with just my earrings but awesome flowers and a handful of other jewelry is really cool. Besides my earrings, Gar got me a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and tulips, a glass heart and gold flake necklace, hand-painted pendants and charms of some of my favorite books, and an extra white gold chain for the pendants. Now I’m wishing I had done more for him than frame some of his rare Deadpool posters (Deadpool is a super awesome Marvel comic book character if you didn’t know). But we are both very happy today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!