Purple Flowers


My drive to and from work is so pretty this time of year. On one side, there are grassy mountains in the distance surrounding the canyon I drive and, on the other, there are these sandy hills. That plant in the foreground with the purple flowers is sprinkled all over the hills, very pretty. I’m not sure what it is though. It grows like lavender and the flowers have a little bit of yellow on them and smell kind of like honeysuckle or fruit blossoms. If you’re reading this mom, please excuse my native plant ignorance. I’ve tried to find out what plant this is a few times without finding a definitive answer.

Valentine’s Day Surprises

Garrick and I have been together over ten years and every Valentine’s Day he gets me awesome flowers and I get him some kind of gift. I am very satisfied with this routine, I love flowers for their aesthetic value. As long as I don’t get red roses with baby’s breath on Valentine’s Day, I am more than content with just getting flowers. I have nothing against red roses, I think they are a great gift sometimes, but I find them too cliche on Valentine’s Day.

A few weeks ago I found white topaz and rose gold earrings on Groupon and decided they would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for me, so I bought them with Gar’s money and shipped them to him at his work so he could give them to me today. This plan was wicked awesome. I wanted jewelry and I would get jewelry without having to hint or nag. Also, I knew for sure I would like the jewelry and, most important, they were affordable.

However, something happened that I didn’t expect. I got my earrings and I’m super happy with them like I knew I would be, but I also got a lot of other stuff. Yay! Don’t get me wrong, I would have been utterly and completely happy with just my earrings but awesome flowers and a handful of other jewelry is really cool. Besides my earrings, Gar got me a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and tulips, a glass heart and gold flake necklace, hand-painted pendants and charms of some of my favorite books, and an extra white gold chain for the pendants. Now I’m wishing I had done more for him than frame some of his rare Deadpool posters (Deadpool is a super awesome Marvel comic book character if you didn’t know). But we are both very happy today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!