This year’s Vegas trip was great. We stayed at the Aria which is beautiful place. I gambled, had fun, even worked out a few times, and left with the money I came with… Vegas success. I didn’t take very many pictures, sometimes I can be so bad about that. I managed to get the classy hotel bathroom selfie picture taken and a few other pictures while we were waiting to zipline down Fremont St. The longer zipline, “the zoomline” was fun, not incredibly fast, kind of short as far as ziplines go in general, but FUN.

Gar and I were in line next to this couple and the woman from Dallas (in this photo) was a crack-up. She claimed she was afraid of heights but you really couldn’t tell. Gar, on the other hand, has a fear of heights. While we were waiting to go on the zipline he was visibly stressed and looking at his feet most of the time. This woman, however, was an appreciated distraction. She kept making us laugh by referring to the scene in “The Big Lebowski” where Julienne Moore is naked on a zipline splatter painting. Gar managed to get through the waiting period okay and, ultimately, really enjoyed the experience.

A few other notable things from the Vegas trip:

During the time I spent at the gym in the Aria, I realized that the only people in there besides myself were a couple of beefheads lifting weights, fit women in their 40s, and good looking gay men who kick butt at cardio.

Slot machine tournaments are funny as hell. For those who have never heard of them, essentially, they’re events where players push the bet button on special machines as many times as they can in a given time period with the hopes of racking up as much winnings as possible. There may be various rounds but the person with the highest combined score wins whatever the ultimate prize is.

I watched people relentlessly hit buttons for two minute rounds and could not help but contrive an imaginary commentary in my head that I imagined would be on some secondary sports networks…. “Small Asian man on machine number 50 rests his arm on the machine in a seemingly romantic way. I don’t know what he’s doing, Bob, but it seems to be working as he hits another $1500 spin… Check out the older lady in rhinestone glasses on number 17. She has a unique alternating stabby hand action, like a cat trying to use a typewriter… like a cat on a typewriter Bob.”

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