The Flower Within

I’m sure there are thousands of great bougainvillea pictures out there but I just could not resist. Also, besides cropping, I did not alter the picture in any way. There is a lot of bougainvillea at the beginning of my half of a mile long driveway and I am always entranced by how it looks and feels completely different depending upon what time of day it is. This is what it looks like a little after the sun has started to set. More often, it is more fuchsia or pink looking but here it is more electric purpleā€¦ its hypnotizing when I see it like this.

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Gorgeous! What are they called? My hubby knows most names of flowers, but you got him on this one. Maybe we don’t get these on the East Coast.

This is bouganvillea flower is full of life. Did you know Hawaiians use the bougavilleas in their leis to represent a happy welcome? Love the floral.

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