Pan-Fried Chicken

If you are in a hurry to make dinner and want a quick and delicious method for cooking chicken breast then you absolutely must keep reading. So often, I come home from a long and tiring day at work and I just want to make a yummy chicken dinner with salad or rice or something like that. The best way to cook chicken in a hurry is to simply season it with salt and pepper and add it to a frying pan that has either a thin layer of vegetable oil or olive oil. Pre-heat your frying pan and cook the chicken over medium high heat. Side note, I really like non-stick frying pans they just make life so much easier. If you wanted to add a little more flavor to your chicken you could use some olive oil in combination with butter as opposed to the vegetable oil.

I always know when chicken pieces are done based upon how springy they are and how they feel. Start gently poking your chicken pieces while cooking and you’ll start to get really good at telling when its done but not overcooked. Overcooked chicken is really firm. Chicken that is cooked just right is firm but still a little bit springy. Undercooked chicken is soft and springy to varying degrees. When you take your chicken out of the pan, let it rest for about 5 min.

Of course I love making chicken this way because it is fast but, ultimately, it just tastes great too and it has a great crispy exterior. If you want to cook some chicken breast more quickly, butterfly or thinly slice it. Also, you can get creative with the seasoning depending upon what you are using the chicken for.

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