Blog Break

Hello everyone, I will be taking a while off from blogging in order to snuggle puppies. As kids go back to school, there will be a shortage of family puppy snugglers but, thankfully, I’m willing to fill the void.

In reality, this is not the case as much as I wish it was. The next couple of weeks are actually crunch time for my Practice of the Year application at work and I barely have time for anything right now. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will have plenty of wedding posts coming up. I just finished making invitations and they turned out so beautiful. I’ll be putting together centerpieces and trying on wedding dresses so stay tuned.

Maltipoo Puppy

And what is her name you might ask? Feather… her name is freakin feather and it couldn’t be more perfect for her. Her name matches her personality.


Meet my new favorite puppy, McCovey, the Bernese Mountain Dog. This picture was taken at 8 weeks of age and he weighed 27lbs. I saw him recently at 15 weeks and he weighed over 40lbs. Love this breed and love him!

Ewwww lolcatz

I almost peed my pants at work today because of a slideshow screen saver. I work at a veterinary hospital and we are paperless (or “paper light” if you will), and we have about 25 computers in the hospital. One computer in a treatment center just got replaced by another one for whatever reason. I was giving an animal fluids under the skin and noticed the slideshow screensaver directly in front of me. The new computer had a default setting to play “My Pictures” from the work server on a slide show as its screen saver.

The pictures I saw were 60% adorable dog or cat and 40% disgusting infection, growth, or internal organ etc. I could not stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. One moment I’m looking at a cute puppy and the next I’m looking at an enlarged spleen. I can’t post most of the gross pictures I saw because I do not want to seriously disturb anyone. However, to give you a little taste, here’s part of an x-ray, a weirdo growth, and a cute puppy from the images I saw. My baby, Mr. Kitty, the Siamese mix with his butt in your face, is an added bonus… enjoy!