Chocolate Meeting

At work we have monthly meetings where lunch and, usually, some sort of sweet treat is provided. Every once and a while I have the desire and energy to make a dessert to bring. This time I decided to do a variety of chocolates. There is so much one can do with chocolate. Chocolate cups are a great opportunity to get creative and utilize random things in your fridge or pantry. I made a white chocolate with fresh raspberries, a milk peanut powder chocolate with fresh strawberries, a semi-sweet chocolate with unsweetened coconut and dehydrated banana (you may notice the banana from an earlier post), and a 60% cacao dark chocolate with heirloom popcorn made with olive oil and topped with sea salt. I brought 12 of each and displayed them on a pretty 3 tier tray. I totally forgot to take a picture (that would have been nice) but remembered just in time to take a shot of the leftovers. The chocolates were a big hit.

More Simple Fun… Strawberry Edition

I just cannot get enough of dipping food in chocolate. After the apples I couldn’t wait to get more chocolate to melt. I could’ve made tuxedo strawberries since I had the white chocolate bar and the semi-sweet chips but that would require more work and I try to be nice to my dishwasher since it’s always so nice to me.

Simple Fun With Apples

Dipping fruit in chocolate is just fun all around. Since it’s still technically fall I decided to go with apples. Granny Smith apples are great and they don’t brown as easily as other varieties. The best part about making these is searching your pantry for random stuff to put on them. I found some almonds, sprinkles, and a coconut crunch topping to put on them. Gar made some with sea salt and some with chilli powder. They all turned out great! ps. the one’s that don’t look pretty were made by Gar… just saying.