Stitch’s First Christmas

This is Stitch Murphy’s first holiday season and, shockingly, he is not terrorizing the Christmas tree or decorations. However, let me take this opportunity to tell you what he is doing. He is obsessing over q-tips. If he sees a q-tip he will manically try to eat it. The last time he got a hold of a q-tip I accidentally left the bathroom drawer open for a moment and he dove into the q-tip box. I chased him around the house, pulled him out of the closet, and grabbed half of a q-tip out of his throat… I never found the other half. He is also chewing cords of all kind. Finally, and this one is my favorite, he is obsessing over Mr. Kitty’s food which is located up high on top of a cabinet in the bathroom where Stitch’s uncoordinated derpy ass cannot get to. He obsesses over it so much that the other morning while I was getting dressed he tried to jump on me and climb me like a tree to get to the food bowl. My stomach looks like I got slashed by Wolverine. On the bright side, I’ve heard of people with cats who can open cabinets and/or fridge doors… glad that’s not happening.

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