Have you ever seen an x-ray of a dog who ate a snake? Check this one off of your bucket list, now you have. His name is Panda and he is a snake-eating Boston Terrier.

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Ugh I so dislike snakes if one of my little dachshunds did this I would have a meltdown.

Panda didn’t know what all of the fuss was about. She got a special canned diet for a handful of days and some meds. We checked in with her mom every day, who reported that Panda was doing excellent and loved the food. I have had to do the same thing a few times when Rowan has gotten into things he’s not supposed to and it was either past the point of inducing vomiting or not a good option and I have always wondered if he just feels like he is getting rewarded with special wet food for being such a clever trouble maker.

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