Disney-Themed Wedding

I am one of those people that loves weddings. Even if I were invited to someone’s wedding that I hardly know I would be that chick in the back silently crying as the couple says their vows. Not only do I love weddings, I love a themed wedding, let alone a Disney-themed wedding.

This wedding took place on a three-story boat in the Newport Beach harbor. It’s actually pretty amazing how convenient and cost effective this type of wedding can be. I loved the Mickey/Minnie color scheme and all of the Disney details. The flower girls were dressed as Anna and Elsa and after the couple was married, they walked down the aisle to the “Dream is a Wish” song from the original Cinderella… ugh… adorable.

Each table on the reception floor was a different classic Disney movie theme.

I wore my classic Marie ears from “The Aristocats” and, after awhile, I convinced Gar to put on his pirate Goofy ears which could not have been more perfect given the setting. Great night, great people, great wedding.

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