Lentil Protein Pack

I decided it’s time to stop eating frozen meals for lunches even if they are “low calorie,” a lot of them can have funky salt and fat contents. So I sautéed 1/2 of an onion and cooked up 20oz of extra lean ground turkey in the same pan. I boiled one cup of black lentils with rice and salt. I combined the lentils with the turkey, added a can of fire roasted tomato, and seasoned with garlic powder and salt to taste. Once the mixture is mostly cooled I divided it into ten parts in sandwich bags and put them all in the freezer. When you freeze your own food like this you just want to make sure there is as little air as possible and my little protein packs will be good for a month in the freezer. I call them that because each bag is 138 calories with 19g of protein. I’ve been eating them most days for lunch and switching up the vegetable I pair them with for some variety. Each bag only costs $1.50 and if you are eating 3-4 cups of steamed broccoli or something like it bought in the frozen section, you are eating a crazy healthy, around 250 calorie lunch for somewhere around $3.00 or less. Goodbye lean cuisines!

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