Fishing Lake Piru

We were the fish that day, the catfish weren’t having any of it. But the lake was pretty and there was plenty of time to look around at all the other parts of the lake where nobody was catching any fish, and hardly anyone was trying. I even saw the heart sitting there waiting for us on the shoreline.

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I have never tried fly-fishing before but I am sure I would love it. I find fishing so relaxing yet oddly enough exciting. I could spend all day doing it.

Just saw this reply. Yes, you should try it. When you say you could spend all day long, that was exactly what Al would do. Sometimes he wonders if that is why his back is so messed up. In the coldest winter days he’d be up at Roscoe NY fly-fishing from early morning until late evening. I used to have to drag him in. It would be awesome for you to try it and then post some pics. :o)

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