Grilled Tofu

Let’s face it, a lot of us are not the biggest fans of tofu. I’m really not that fond of it. However, I discovered that I greatly enjoy grilled tofu. I bought extra firm tofu, cut it, pressed it with paper towels, put it in my toaster oven on 300 degrees, with the door open, for about 20 minutes (this is to further remove some of the moisture, the open door of the oven will allow air to circulate to better dehydrate the tofu), brushed the tofu with veggie oil and grilled it. Once your tofu is grilled you can brush on any sauce you want. I used a soyaki sauce and sprinkled on some extra sesame seeds. This totally is my favorite way to eat tofu. The best part is the chewy, slightly tough layer just under the grill marks. This dish is also pleasing because tofu is good protein and it is very inexpensive at certain health food stores.

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