Football Time!

Well, it is still early enough for me in the football season to be really excited about it all. Unfortunately, I have had children’s birthday parties the past two Sundays preventing me from watching a lot of games. Fortunately, my team’s games were not at the same time as the parties. I’m not sure what that says about me if I care more about a football game than my friend’s kid’s birthdays. That last sentence sounds bad when I read it back…

Anywho, I’ve been crazy happy with the Dallas Cowboy’s running back DeMarco Murray in fantasy football. If you have a chance to add him, DO IT. Whenever I draft I never go for the very top rated running backs, I feel like they always disappoint and I’d rather go for a QB. My first fantasy pick of this year was Peyton Manning… I couldn’t help it. Finally, I suck ass at picking who is going to win games this year on Pigskin Pick’em on ESPN. My success rate is something like 58%. BOO! I hope you guys have had some fun rooting for your team!

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