Dog Toys

It turns out that it’s pretty easy to make your own dog toys. A co-worker of mine found instructions to make your own dog toys and we decided to start making them and selling them to raise money for the local pet shelter. I had already planned on being a vendor at a dog agility trial to raise some money for animal services and dog toys just fit right into the whole scheme.

We have made the toys in all different sizes and I have been really happy with them. All you need is two different colors of fleece fabric. For the size toy that Loki uses I cut my fabric into strips that are 4″ wide and one yard long. Get together four strips of fabric and tie a loop knot on one end. Next you will need to start the toy by arranging the fabric as the picture shows on the left and pulling tight. The rest of toy is assembled by a series of consecutive ties as shown by the picture on the right. Make sure to leave enough fabric on the end to make a final loop knot to finish off the toy. You may need to trim the fabric on either end to make them even.

I play fetch with Loki with the toy and he loves to take a break and chew on it before bringing it back to me. Of course, Loki is a master chewer so I can’t let him chew on it for very long since he will eventually destroy anything but the toy has been very durable. It also holds up in the washing machine extremely well!

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