Are You Ready For Some Football?

If you are not a football fan, you can stop reading now. Otherwise, hell yeah another season is upon us. The Packers play the Seahawks on NBC tonight at 8:30 ET. My team hasn’t really done shit in several years anyways but, hey, your team is your team for better or worse. I am a San Diego Charger fan by the way. We have a tough division, ongoing coaching problems, and I think Phillip Rivers acts like a baby sometimes.

I heard something funny a few weeks ago on ESPN. The Dallas Cowboys sent all of their season ticket holders tickets to not only the regular season games but also playoff games including the NFC championship game. They are the first team to ever do this… That’s a nice thought Cowboys.

If you have never played fantasy football or anything like that, I encourage you to. It is actually very easy to do and makes all of the games much more interesting. I assure you that drafts are easy and all you need to do is spend about five minutes per week managing your team. There is also a Pick’em game that ESPN does where you just pick which teams will win their games each week.


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