Welcome to Angelgrrl.com


Welcome! Today is the grand opening, the first day that I’m inviting all my friends (and everyone else in the world) to visit. I love cooking, animals, and family so that’s what I write about. You can count on seeing one of my recipes here every Friday.

If you’re wondering where the name “Angelgrrl” came from, it was something my Dad thought of when I was a little girl. I insisted on wearing dresses almost everywhere, but I was a very aggressive soccer player and loved almost all sports. He bought me the domain name for Christmas back then and it sat on the shelf for a long time, but here we are. Most importantly, while I was growing up he taught me to believe that I can be or do anything I want to.

My Dad is my editor, I do the photography and writing and he catches most of the typos. He also designed the site style.


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