Tomato Basted Chicken Kebabs

My obsession with grilling continues… I recently got a new grill and have been using it almost everyday. I just really look forward to grilling. So I was making chicken kebabs and I had a couple of large tomatoes I needed to use. Don’t ask me why but I thought I’d put a skewer through them and put them on the rack above the kebabs so that the liquid would trickle down.

As I began executing this plan I realized that just letting the tomatoes sit there wasn’t good enough. So I began frequently bouncing the tomatoes on top of the kebabs so that they would be well coated with the juices from the tomato. Eventually, I just squeezed the tomatoes over the chicken with my hand. Also, you would think that the tomato would want to just slip off of the skewer as soon as it cooks but that didn’t happen and I suppose it is because they were pretty big. Surprisingly, this method worked out really well. The kebabs (which I had treated with a simple seasoning…. salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder) turned out so good and juicy with a light and fresh tomato flavor.

Next time I make chicken kebabs its going to go down like this… I will quickly roast a tomato over the stove then I will extract the juices and insert them into a clean plastic water gun. Then I can use the gun to assault kebabs on the grill with tomato awesomeness… at least it sounds like a good plan.

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This looks OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Another recipe I will have to try on my Sister’s new grill :o) Thanks for another great recipe.

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