The Addams Family

Gar and I are going to San Francisco for Halloween/Gar’s 30th birthday. We are staying with our good friends, another couple. All four of us are going to dress up and bar/restaurant hop. We wracked our brains for themed foursome costumes. We thought of a lot of things. Finally, The Addams Family came up and it actually works well. My girlfriend would make a kick ass Wednesday. Gar and I are taller and I have the boobs for Morticia.

You might have already wondered why I posted this picture with this post. I just wanted to remind everyone what my personality is like. This is me (attempting) to take a selfie at Disneyland in front of the Matterhorn with Gar. I am wearing Marie ears from the Aristocats. I like kitties and puppies and bubbles and rainbows and comics and Tolkien and Jane Austen and colorful socks and being blonde. Long story short, I wasn’t sure that I could really pull off Morticia. However, I just want to throw it out there that if you look at Pinterest long enough, ANYTHING is possible. I’m now thinking that I can make a bad ass Morticia costume. Once I put it together I’ll post it for everyone.

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