Dessert: Easy and Light


I am always scheming and searching for desserts (beyond eating just straight up fruit, or baked fruit) that are relatively low calorie… this is my latest effort. I ground up low fat graham crackers and chopped hazelnuts in the food processor and put the mixture on the bottom of my little plastic ramekins. Next, I layered a tropical yogurt, fresh pineapple pieces, and fat free whipped topping. I topped everything with some fresh toasted coconut. I had bought a coconut a few days before to eat the flesh and happened to have some extra. By the way, fresh coconut flakes toast really fast. I burned half of the first batch. Finally, I stuck my ramekins in the freezer. I would take one dessert out about a half hour before I wanted to eat it. It is best enjoyed when it is still slightly frozen but you can easily work a spoon or fork through it. The beauty of a dessert like this is that the possibilities are endless. You could use nilla wafers instead of graham crackers. You could use chocolate graham crackers and chocolate chips. You could use any kind of yogurt and fruit pieces… I’m getting hungry again writing this… I’m sure you get the point.

Tahini Yogurt Sauce

For those that don’t know, tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds and it’s good (I know its hard but try to hold back your admiration for that incredibly informative description of tahini). I picked up my tahini at a health food grocery store and it was next to the peanut butter oddly enough… or maybe it’s not odd I don’t know. I wanted to make a tahini sauce for some falafels that I was frying up.

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