Thin Crust Pizza

I had such a good time eating and making my Margherita pizza, I decided to make another pizza the next night. This time, I wanted a pizza with a really thin crust so I used about ΒΌ less dough than I did for the Margherita pizza. I also found that hand stretching the ball of dough initially, then hand-tossing is the quickest and easiest way to stretch it out. Also, don’t forget to continue to lightly flour your working surface and your pizza pan. The dough is more likely to tear or stick to your working surface the thinner it is. I topped this pizza with diced mushroom and onions, it was really good. If you want the best thin crust pizza, just make it. No one can make a pizza exactly the way you want it like you can.

Margherita Pizza

Margherita-style is one of my favorite pizzas, especially when it’s home made. I started by picking up plain pizza dough from one of my favorite stores. I haven’t really had much desire to make my own pizza dough when I can buy a bag of it for a little over a dollar and it always comes out perfect.

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