Tested On Humans First

The co-founder of Paul Mitchell, John Paul Dejoria, has created a line of pet care products including this foaming shampoo and various wipes. He was recently a keynote speaker at the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) annual conference. I heard great things about his lecture and I just think the “Tested On Humans First” tagline on these products is pretty cute.

I really like the waterless foam shampoo, the feel and smell of it is really nice. I currently use a good spray conditioner on the pets in between baths, but I’ll try out the JP foam shampoo and see how it goes. As far as the wipes go, they’re good but I simply have no need for them. There are also some tea tree oil scented products that I think smell great, but I’m not as keen on them for fear that they might encourage pet owners to believe that tea tree oil has mystical powers that will cure any skin ailment their pet has or might have them think they don’t need to visit a veterinarian.

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