Low Calorie Gluten-Free Mushroom Gravy

I have been dieting recently and when I wanted a dinner that felt really hearty I knew I wanted a mushroom gravy. First, brown your sliced mushrooms over a medium-high heat with the margarine in a skillet or large saucepan. Once your mushrooms are nice and browned add the chicken broth but reserve a couple tablespoons to mix your cornstarch in. Turn your heat down to a medium-low and make sure to get everything that stuck to the bottom of the pan mixed in with the broth. This is what will give your gravy a nice color. Mix your corn starch with the reserved chicken broth until completely dissolved. Finally, add the corn starch mixture and stir until the gravy becomes nice and thick. I don’t add any salt to the gravy because the chicken stock provides enough of it for me but at this point you can add salt to taste.

about 15 medium white mushrooms, sliced
1 can of low sodium chicken broth (or vegetable broth if you want it vegan)
1 tbsp corn starch
1 tbsp. margarine

The mushrooms are 100 calories, the chicken broth is 20, and the margarine is 45 calories. That’s about 165 calories for around 3 cups or more of gravy which you will eat a fraction of. I cooked my gravy in advance and then heated it up and poured 1 cup of it over peas and a relatively small amount of roasted potatoes. The gravy along with the peas and potatoes definitely satisfied my craving for something hearty and filling.



It’s time for poutine! When my friend up north first told me about poutine, I thought, “Is that some sort of slang or cuss word I’ve never heard of before?” It turns out poutine is not some strange disease or dirty word, it’s a deliciously awesome dish. You just need to find cheese curds. I don’t know what it is about Southern California, but almost every non-foodie that I mention cheese curds to gives me a disgusted look. Then I explain cheese curds and tell them that if they like string cheese they will love cheese curds. I don’t tell them this but I’m sure they would even like goat cheese curds if you didn’t mention they were made from goat’s milk. Enough about that…. back to to Poutine! Essentially, poutine is fries, cheese curds, and gravy. I keep meaning to make variations of poutine and also add something like corned beef but it just hasn’t happened yet.


Simple Brown Gravy

It is so easy to make your own gravy even when you do not have pan drippings to use for it. I wish I had a gravy picture right now but, alas, I could not find one. Here is a Rottweiler puppy sticking his tongue out instead.