Birthday Time!

Today is my 27th birthday! I will be taking the next week off from posting. I just want to say that, so far, my week has been incredible. On Sunday I saw the latest Avengers movie and bought some kick-ass running shoes and insoles. On Wednesday, I went to Hollywood to see a couple of Finnish metal bands. Yesterday, I was able to go on a somewhat lengthy run for the first time since I got patellar tendinitis pretty bad a few months ago. The run was such a treat, I cannot even say. Tonight, I am seeing another live show, this time a couple of ska bands. Finally, tomorrow we are off to Disneyland for the weekend. It’s definitely not every year that I do this much for my birthday. I am super lucky. Cheers everyone and see you in a week.


Stitch’s First Birthday

Hello my name is Stitch Murphy and today is my first birthday. Do you see the birds on the wall behind me? Well, the stoopid hoomins put them up and they are actually fake bird stickers. I’ve killed about five of them. Happy Birthday to me.