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Sucky Bowl

Super Bowl XLVIII was the most unexciting Super Bowl I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I’m a San Diego Charger fan for better or for worse, but I was quite happy to see the Seahawks and the Broncos in the Super Bowl this year instead of the Patriots and so and so or the Ravens and so and so. I didn’t care too much about who won but I wanted to see a good game. I imagine that most people just want to watch a good game, even if their team isn’t playing.

The most intriguing thing about Super Bowl Sunday this year was when I watched a Great Pyrenees puppy inadvertently kick a ball into the end zone during Puppy Bowl X after tripping over it. This was the first “kicked” field goal in Puppy Bowl history. Being the proud and vain dog owner that I am, I posted this picture of my dogs on Instagram with the puppy bowl hash-tags, to have a chance of having them be featured on air. I immediately regretted posting the picture because I know I could’ve gotten a much better one, with the cats and maybe a prop in the picture too. I asked Garrick if I could post a better one on his Instagram so I could double our chances, but he said, “No” and “Why don’t you post another one on your Instagram?” Then I said, “No (frowny face), that would be weird.”

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