Stitch Gets Into Trouble Again

I almost died laughing last night. I brought home a cooked chicken from the grocery store and Stitch Murphy got his head stuck in the packaging. I was in the kitchen and just saw him walk by with this enormous cardboard collar. His lazy ass was not even trying to get out of it. So I did what any respectable cat owner would do and picked him up to show Gar so that we could both heartily laugh at him (photo credit goes to Gar).

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Oh, it definitely does and Stitch is a special one. I am in the process of putting child locks on my pantry because he learned how to open it. I woke up one morning to find a box of nilla wafers all chewed up on the kitchen floor and rice pasta shells everywhere (many of them in little pieces). Of all things he could have taken from that pantry he chose rice pasta and nilla wafers.

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