My Talking Pet

I’m officially obsessed with an app I just discovered called my talking pet. Just take a picture of your pet, indicate where the eyes and mouth are with dots, and make a voice recording and oh mah gosh your pet is now talking. I’ve been using this lately at work. I try to make our clients experience as amazing as possible and, for the ones I know that will appreciate it, I send them a video of their pet talking. This is one of my favorite ones so far. This is a Ragdoll (the picture doesn’t quite do him justice) kitty named James who came in with a lot of back pain. We sedated him, took x-rays, and got him on some pain medication… luckily nothing was seriously injured. His family really enjoyed his video.

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Straight up one of the funniest and cutest vids I have ever seen! Awesome what you doing for the clients!!

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