Humbled by Cheese Curds

Once again, I picked up some cheese curds from a farmer’s market. This time, I got some garlic cheese curds and was wondering for a day or so what do to with them. I’ve done a fair amount of things with cheese curds including poutine in several ways. Finally, it hit me… I should fry them.

I was so excited by the idea, I texted my foodie friend who lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She said that an awesome restaurant in Oakland does that and its really good… fuckin foodies lol. I feel like its so difficult to have an original idea in the culinary world. However, nobody makes things exactly as you do. Two people could make the same dish with the same ingredients and still they would be inevitably unique to that person in some way. So I decided to fry them with some Beer Batter Tempura. They turned out so good that we ate almost a full basket before I realized I didn’t even plate them or take a picture. That’s why you now see a picture of just five cheese curds… woops.

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I’m sure yours were awesome!!! Btw, I saw this recipe on buzzfeed for ramen Poutine, where you replace the fries with fried ramen strip things. Check it out.. I don’t have a deep fryer or else I would try it. I don’t think the ramen strips would turn out without one. Miss you!!

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