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Gluten-free foods have been super trendy lately. Im not sure what the benefits of gluten-free eating are for people who do not have celiac disease or a sensitivity to it but I’m sure there must be something. One thing that really gives me a chuckle is all of the gluten-free signs on foods that are clearly gluten-free. I do know that some products that one might think would be gluten-free might contain small or trace amounts of gluten which could be dangerous for those with celiac but those people seem generally used to checking labels closely for things like wheat gum or other gluten something or others. However, do I really need a big “gluten-free” sign in front of meat at the deli counter? I don’t think so.

Since I was young I would become rather nauseous after eating foods containing a lot of gluten such as pasta, certain breads, and flour tortillas… flour tortillas are the worst for me. Thank baby Jesus that my parents believed me when I told them that the pasta made me feel sick. One year when I was in elementary school my dad got me a rice cooker for Christmas. I used the shit out of that rice cooker. Rice is one of those things that is simple to make but difficult to cook perfectly every time. I like rice. I included a picture of my rice bible that I found at a used bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico… I’m such a nerd.

As I have gotten older, I am slightly less sensitive. I have found that wheat breads with a lot of grain and nuts can be tolerable among some other things. Anywho, I just wanted to write this post so I can start doing some posts about some of the gluten-free or gluten-light things that I like to make.

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Al, (my hubby) suffers from Fibromyalgia. Some say a gluten-free diet helps. Looking forward in seeing the things you like to make. Even though Al’s pain is extremely bad most day, he has said he doesn’t think he could do a gluten-free diet. With that said, maybe I could make him a few things once you post them :o) Thanks

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