Fireworks & Pet Safety

After every 4th of July I hear of dogs who escaped from their home or backyard because they were scared and/or panicked. Do not let this be your dog. You would be surprised how many dogs can find a way out of their enclosures outside or climb a high fence when they really want to. The safest place for pets during 4th of July celebrations is indoors. For pets who are properly crate trained, the crate can be really helpful as a calming tool. There are also things called thunder shirts that some pets respond pretty well to. Thunder shirts are designed to hug pets and produce a calming effect. It’s likely too late now to get but there is also a pretty effective prescription mild sedative out there called Acepromazine. Sometimes Benadryl can make pets sleepy but as long as a pet does not have any drug sensitivities I would highly favor the prescription sedative for its efficacy.

I’m really lucky, my dogs could care less when mortars or other fireworks go off near our house. I didn’t know how Freya would do with fireworks because this is my first 4th of July with her but she has done great as people (including myself) have been setting off fireworks all week. When my dogs do become frightened of something I just stay calm and assertive and try to redirect their attention with a command or a toy.

I hope everyone’s pets do well today and are safe!

PS. This is one of my co-worker’s dog, Zoey. She is an amazing Aussie and loves to do agility with her mom.

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Awesome info! Thank goodness our Ginny Girl doesn’t have a problem with them. My sister’s dog was actually prescribed the medication you mentioned for times like 4th of July. She is terrified of thunderstorms, fireworks… It helps a lot, and I’m happy that there are medications like that for our fur-babies.

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