Dragon Fruit

This fruit is so gorgeous in both appearance and flavor, it makes one wonder at nature for creating such a thing. The ranch I live on grows them but, considering that it’s a $1,000 fine to take fruit off the vine, I was happy to buy this relatively small to medium sized one for $8 to see what all of the fuss was about. Before eating the white flesh with a spoon I did a little research on the description of it’s flavor and found that the “cross between a kiwi and a pear” was not too far off base. I would add, however, that in taste it is more like a kiwi than a pear and in texture it is more like a pear than a kiwi. The little black seeds are a great textural element to the fruit. All and all, I would say the $8 was well worth it.

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I love fruit, but I am dazed by the cost! Curious. Will have to look for it here. Wonder if it will be priced more or less than that if I do.

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