Color Run

A few months ago, I signed up for a 5k where they throw color powder at you as you run and they give you some to throw at each other before the race. I figured that it would not be not fun at the least. When I signed up, my conditioning was ok but I wasn’t sure that I could run 3.1 miles with relative ease. It turns out I can. About a month ago, I started running longer and longer distances and it feels so good. Now I can run 6 miles with relative ease. I’ve never minded running but now I’m in love. Not only was the 5k not not fun, it was really effing fun. I strongly recommend doing a 5k with a friend or spouse even if you are walking the entire time. Lastly, I was also the only person there in black. I’m not exaggerating, every single person there wore white on account of showing the color and what not. I don’t do white. I just don’t like white t-shirts.

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I admire you. Anyone who enjoys running or anything that requires sweating is a person to look up to. You look like you had a blast.

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