California Central Coast

We drove along the coast for part of our way back from Monterey. It’s beautiful when you see Big Sur and the Redwoods next to the coast. The first photo was taken as we were leaving Big Sur, the second was taken farther south, a little past Cambria. The drive was very pretty and I feel like it should definitely be done once but maybe not more than that. There’s a long windy point in the drive just before you hit the San Luis Obispo County line where I started feeling like the drive was endless and I couldn’t wait to start driving over 35mph again. With that said, I’m glad we drove the route we did, and the drive on the 46 through wine country to cut back inland was extremely nice.


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I love big sur and miss it very much. The only part I miss since moving to wyoming. In my hippy days all my friend would met there and share great music and food. Great time!

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