Bacon vs. Bacon

The stage is set… in the left corner we have a medium to thick cut maple-cured slice of bacon… in the right corner we have a medium to thin cut uncured slice of bacon (I took bites out of each corner, my bad)… who will win this epic showdown?

We recently got a shit ton of two different kinds of amazing bacon from Gar’s stepdad who is the head chef at a well-known country club. Before cooking each type of bacon (in different pans of course), I thought for sure I would like the maple-cured bacon better. It turns out, however, that I declare the uncured slice of bacon as the hands-down winner. Let me tell you why.

The reason I love a nice, fully-cooked (meaning no flabby fat), chewy-and-crunchy-but-not-too-crunchy slice of bacon is because of the salty pork flavor and the subtle sweetness of the bacon fat. Don’t get me wrong, the maple-cured bacon was great and had a wonderful hint of maple and carmelization after it was cooked… BUT… the sweetness of the maple completely overpowered the natural, subtle sweetness of the bacon fat for me. Therefore, uncured bacon wins!

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Myself & my Hubby love Bacon. But, with his Fibromyalgia it’s a food that he has to limit. The Fibro flare ups he gets from eating bacon are bad 🙁 But, I have noticed, the better the quality, the less he hurts. So, I imagine the ones in this pic would be great. Even before I read who won the bacon fight, (LOL) I also chose the one on the right. Just looks like the way I love my bacon to look.

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