Another Day at the Office

We have this white board near one of our treatment and kennel areas that lists the patients who are staying with us for surgery or treatment for some or all of the day. In the afternoon my co-workers and I realized how strangely funny the board was looking with our two hospitalized patients listed on it.

One very small Chihuahua puppy was unfortunate enough to have a table fall over on her head but was fortunate enough to receive immediate treatment and live with a very strong likelihood of having a completely normal life despite suffering from a fractured skull. Another small and very cute chihuahua terrier mix ate a marijuana brownie and was as high as a kite. In all seriousness, marijuana toxicity can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening so keep your pot away from your pets people.

Of course, chocolate can be toxic as well… so this little girl hit a double whammy. Despite being stoned out of her mind for about a half day, little “Boo” fully recovered after a number of treatments. It was just another day at the office.

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