Angelgrrl C’est Moi

I think of myself as a sort of punk Martha Stewart who also likes animals, guns, the outdoors, hockey, and a handful of other nerdy shit. One’s livelihood is everything. I didn’t get my BA in Philosophy to make money, I got it because I love challenging myself as much as possible and I want to continue living in a constant state of education forever.

One day, probably after focusing on my family for a while, I will go back to grad school and teach philosophy. I have a tremendous passion for animals and love working at a veterinary hospital. I love living on an organic orchard, because I’m nowhere near street traffic and the only neighbors I can see from my doorstep are trees and birds.

I love to read and stare at all my books. My books tell me where I’ve been, and where I am, and where I want to go. I love to cook and marvel at all the wonderful things we can do with food. Most importantly, I love focusing on my family.

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