An Interview with Mario Batali

Right before we were about to leave for our San Francisco/Oakland trip Gar found a promo code for the first twenty people who used it to get free tickets to this one hour event with Chef Mario Batali and Chef Michael Chiarrello. The event was centered around Batali’s new cookbook “America: Farm to Table” and everyone who attended got free books (yay us). The event was fun. Chef Batali is very personable and surprisingly funny. His argument essentially is that you should buy foods from local farms as much as possible because a) you’re supporting local business b) you’re supporting local soil and c) you’re tasting the “geospecificity” of the ingredients. There was a secondary premise about buying $7 tomatoes where I was kind of lost but I think the very basic point he made was sound… not to mention I love free awesome cookbooks.

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