Rough Couple of Weeks

As if day after day of working overtime for the past week or so was not draining enough, I began this week with one of the worst cases of neglect I have ever seen and a very loving family whose three year old dog was hit by a car and killed as a result of a freak accident. After extensive efforts, the doctor and I were unable to resuscitate that dog. Just the thought of that family still causes my eyes to well up. My empathy allows me to be absolutely great at my job but it also leaves me susceptible to great emotional fatigue at times. The two incidents this week, especially in comparison to each other, left me utterly drained. My request to take a personal day today was granted.

I wanted to write this post to give everyone a little update, thank you for your great comments, and let you know that I plan to increase my posting efforts more and more. I have also been volunteering some of my time to help an absolutely incredible cat sanctuary and I look forward to presenting more information about this in the coming week. I’m also planning on getting married this year so stay tuned and thanks again for your support.


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