Going Camping!

The time finally came for Gar and I to go on a camping vacation! We went to a creek-side, woodsy area in the Los Padres National Forest and this time we took all three dogs. To prepare for the trip I decided that I should organize everything I could and put it in small plastic bins. This would make loading and unloading extremely easy. I realized how crazy I am and how crazy about the dogs I am when I began to pack their things. I made a bin that was devoted to bandaging and also contained clotting gauze packs. This bin is separate from the bin that includes the general, human first aid. I made a dog medication bin.

When I put together a doggie first-aid kit for camping, it got me thinking about what a basic kit for dogs should be. Each kit would vary depending upon the individual needs of your dog and your destination. However, I think there a few things that are essential for any kit.

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Valentine’s Day Surprises

Garrick and I have been together over ten years and every Valentine’s Day he gets me awesome flowers and I get him some kind of gift. I am very satisfied with this routine, I love flowers for their aesthetic value. As long as I don’t get red roses with baby’s breath on Valentine’s Day, I am more than content with just getting flowers. I have nothing against red roses, I think they are a great gift sometimes, but I find them too cliche on Valentine’s Day.

A few weeks ago I found white topaz and rose gold earrings on Groupon and decided they would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for me, so I bought them with Gar’s money and shipped them to him at his work so he could give them to me today. This plan was wicked awesome. I wanted jewelry and I would get jewelry without having to hint or nag. Also, I knew for sure I would like the jewelry and, most important, they were affordable.

However, something happened that I didn’t expect. I got my earrings and I’m super happy with them like I knew I would be, but I also got a lot of other stuff. Yay! Don’t get me wrong, I would have been utterly and completely happy with just my earrings but awesome flowers and a handful of other jewelry is really cool. Besides my earrings, Gar got me a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and tulips, a glass heart and gold flake necklace, hand-painted pendants and charms of some of my favorite books, and an extra white gold chain for the pendants. Now I’m wishing I had done more for him than frame some of his rare Deadpool posters (Deadpool is a super awesome Marvel comic book character if you didn’t know). But we are both very happy today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sucky Bowl

Super Bowl XLVIII was the most unexciting Super Bowl I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I’m a San Diego Charger fan for better or for worse, but I was quite happy to see the Seahawks and the Broncos in the Super Bowl this year instead of the Patriots and so and so or the Ravens and so and so. I didn’t care too much about who won but I wanted to see a good game. I imagine that most people just want to watch a good game, even if their team isn’t playing.

The most intriguing thing about Super Bowl Sunday this year was when I watched a Great Pyrenees puppy inadvertently kick a ball into the end zone during Puppy Bowl X after tripping over it. This was the first “kicked” field goal in Puppy Bowl history. Being the proud and vain dog owner that I am, I posted this picture of my dogs on Instagram with the puppy bowl hash-tags, to have a chance of having them be featured on air. I immediately regretted posting the picture because I know I could’ve gotten a much better one, with the cats and maybe a prop in the picture too. I asked Garrick if I could post a better one on his Instagram so I could double our chances, but he said, “No” and “Why don’t you post another one on your Instagram?” Then I said, “No (frowny face), that would be weird.”

Dream Stalkers

A few nights ago, I was stalked by three mountain lions in my dreams. You know (or maybe you don’t) how you’re supposed to make yourself look really big if you encounter a mountain lion? That’s what I did, except I actually stretched out my arms and legs in bed in various ways and made life very uncomfortable for the animals and Gar. What really irks me is that whatever thing or nerve in your brainstem that blocks your brain signals from going down your spinal cord while you sleep, effectively rendering you motionless (true fact), is apparently not always working for me… wtf.

Goodbye Holidays

I took down my Christmas decorations today. If you are as concerned about the look and, more importantly, the feel of your home as I am, the process can be bittersweet.

A friend of mine said something to me just before Christmas that I thought was interesting. I was at her house helping decorate her enormous tree and she said, “This year, the tree is going to only have gold decorations. A friend of mine who is an interior decorator said that decorating your Christmas tree can be simple and beautiful if you just pick a color and forget all the mismatched ornaments and nicknacks.” The gold tree really was simple and beautiful. I loved it. I thought to myself, maybe next year I’ll do pink.

Fuck that. As I took down each of my ornaments, I remembered the context in which I purchased or received those ornaments. I was sad that I would not be appreciating these weird little things for another year but I was happy that the temporality of them made them even more special. So, goodbye vintage porcelain Christmas tree and all the other mismatched ornaments and nicknacks… until next year!