February is National Pet Dental Month


Today (along with being the day of the Super Bowl of course) is the first day of National Pet Dental Month. The reason I mention this is because Loki is SO freakin cute. I needed a photo for a dental month article I was doing at work and I got Loki to balance his toothbrush on his nose long enough for me to take several great pics. I must be one of the most obnoxious pet mommies because I paraded his pictures around to anyone who would look and listen. I was just so damn proud of his goofy ass. When Loki decided he was done balancing his toothbrush after a while he flipped it up and caught it with his mouth… me… dying… of… pride.

Labrador Train

I took Loki into work one day because he was drinking an INSANE amount of water and I wanted to make sure he wasn’t diabetic (I might be a little paranoid when it comes to the animals sometimes… just a little). Well, Loki’s blood sugar and other tests were completely normal but he got to hang out next to this adorable female lab puppy. Loki and her kept sitting in the same positions it was too cute. If I had enough property and money I would have a pack of labs. Just the thought of having my own giant pack of labs makes me smile and giggle.